I'm back, sort of

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Haven't written at all, been way too busy. Much upheaval at work, and at home. Got bronchitis, which aggravated my asthma and I am still coughing. Bleah.

This is right outside the building I work in, one night on my way home. I love the colors.

I made a bunch of stuff for the co op, and am now going to go back to the big knitted and felted and lace piece I've been working on. I got the storage room cleaned out and organized, even Keith's drum set is gone, donated to a high school student. All the yarns are sorted by color, all the undyed yarns are sorted by weight, all the hand dyed fabrics are together, as are the commercial fabrics. You can actually almost walk in the hallway again.

I'm looking foward to the holidays, I think, at lieast to the lights and the decorations. And Mark and Becky and Molly and Raegan will visit too! We'll miss AngelPuss and HollyBerry the cats who are in heaven, but we are babysitting a cat for a few weeks or months, a year old one, her name is Precious but we are calling her Vicious because she really lashes out and doesn't want to be touched. But she's curious and cute and likes cat treats. Bootsie and PussyWillow don't quite know what to make of her. She's about 1/4 the size of Bootsie but is already bossing him around. She watched him drink from the bathroom faucet and then tried to do it herself, but got really wet.

Mid Atlantic Oireachtas

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or Regional Irish Dance Championships. This is the eight hand reel group practicing. They didn't place, but danced their best, and they had new, eggplant colored velvet dresses, and Kyle and Andrew had vests of the same fabric. Kyle is in the middle of the pic. It was very very strange to not be there for solos Kyle is still having feet problems and I am amazed that he was able to dance at all. This may have been the last time, I felt very sad inside, but enjoyed seeing all the girls' dresses and the dancing. Andrew was 4th, out of 7 I think, so he did qualify for World Championships, luckily in Philadelphia in April, so he can go. And Kyle will get to go with the team, even tho he didn't do solos. He qualified twice in solos, and we got to go to Glasgow, so that's fine. I so much wish he'd do one more year, one more regional, but he's focusing on school and transitioning out. I'm not ready for him to be so grown up.

Walking around Philadelphia

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my feet still hurt. We visited this wonderful mosaic garden and building again, and the light shining through was fantastic. We ate lunch at Whole Foods, various things vegan for Kyle and various things non vegan for me, from their buffet. We stopped in at loop, the yarn store and sister fabric store. I got some sock yarn, and this fabulous golden fabric with hot pink squids on it.

Also stopped by Spirit of the Artist, aka SOTA, a shop. I love the things they have there, but in talking to the owner he said textiles don't sell. Well, they do in Ballston Spa, at least some of mine do! I felt kind of sad that I wouldn't fit in there. But it doesn't really matter.

We took a taxi back, since our feet hurt and we were almost late for practice.

the color quiz

you are teal

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the spacefem.com html color quiz

This is me. Most of the time. Although I am sometimes aqua too.


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Remembering my dad, today it is 13 years since he died. It doesn't seem that long. I miss him, his musical voice, his faith in God, his cooking, his listening to me about stuff...

and the cat here is Hollyberry. She showed up on my mother's doorstep several weeks after my dad died, and Mom always felt that she was sent by Dad to give her something to do. Mom gave her to me at Christmas that year...

And now Hollyberry is having Kitty Hospice at home. She's got some kind of cancer, the vet says, but as long as she's drinking and having normal behavior she can stay at home. She has always been a very sweet cat, somewhat dumb and staying in the background away from the other, more agressive cats. She's got the loudest purr, and she'll come around for attention then and run away when she's had enough. She flops onto her back and waves her paws in the air...

I'm grieving still on some level for my dad, and now for my cat. I am treasuring these last few days with her, and enjoying holding her and watching her. I'd forgotten the sadness of waiting, my dad was in hospice care for a long while... and although it seems weird to compare a cat and Dad in my feelings, to me they are linked.

I know that we all have to die, but knowing at the top of my mind and knowing inside my heart are different. I am the one that will hold Hollyberry in her final moments, giving her peace as she goes out of this life and onto her next life... and I'll cry for her and for all of the ones who are sad...

Another Chenango Valley trip last weekend and yarn and more yarn this weekend

We did our yearly Chenango Valley State Park camping trip. This year it was RAINY. But fun. I've posted some pics below... tried to show things I haven't shown other years. I would get up in the middle of the night to ahem "piddle" and look at myself in the mirror, eyes kind of droopy and hair standing on end, and raindrops on my face because I didn't want to carry an umbrella, and yes, it was fun. I need a walking stick to hold on to getting up from the tent floor but I can still do it. It was fun just to sit at the campsite too.

Work of course is busy. But, I had to do a day of travelling to fill in for one of the recruiters. In Massachusetts. On a Thursday. And Webs Yarn store is open till 8 Thurs pm! And Webs now has a bead store! I got done with the event at 5 pm, and headed on out for Webs. What fun! And tho it was expensive, I'm not going to go shopping any more, and I am going to start my etsy shop, so hopefully I'll make some of that money back. I'll be selling the same kinds of stuff as at the Strolling Village Artisans co op. I work there tomorrow too, and will have time to do some artist trading cards that I need to do for a swap.

I ordered some stuff from VistaPrint, online printing, like business cards and magnets and postcards - their prices are very reasonable and I've been satisfied with the things so far.

I'm such an artsy entrepreneur!

Today I am sorting my yarn by color combinations. You don't want to see the disaster my bedroom has become. But I want all my yarns all together in one place, so i know what I have. Which is way too much yarn. I am actually going to destash some on etsy next week. Seller name is michelemergesmartens. Just sayin'...